I love to generate ideas and develop products. Every frustration or hurdle is an opportunity for new ideas and solutions. What need is the origin for the frustrating problem? What methods or tool can be helpful in defining the user’s need and in ideation?


I am a do-er who believes that good communication is key to a better project result. Better to receive feedback in an early stage than to waste time in the wrong direction. Motivation for me is making a difference and never stop learning. If I am part of a process that can be improved I will develop it further; every process can be more efficient and it is a waste to do the same mistake twice.


When user experience is in the center of product development I believe innovation can be made. This is an area where I want to further my knowledge to become a better designer. I am curious and driven, please contact me if you want to collaborate or just say hi!


I have a masters degree in Industrial design engineering and have since I graduated been working with product design mainly in the automotive industry.


Tel:  0707 - 347 229


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